uses state-of-the-art geo-targeted stastical analysis technology to bring our clients an edge in finding hot pockets within a certain community.


Census Block Technology

Competition Analysis

Forecast Trends


Knowing the demographics, geography, and competition ratios of today is not enough. You want to know the forecast trends are 5 years from now and if a community is growing or shrinking. This relies on a vast amount of data and having this at your fingertips is imperative in making an informed decision that impacts your staff, clients, and family.


This technology goes beyond unreliable data based on imaginary boundaries such as zip codes, city lines, and county lines. Using this technology allows us to see natural and manmade barriers to a geographical region that impacts demographics. Giving you a clearer picture of why certain areas are better than others.


Know who your competition is and how many there are in a given area. This is especially important information that lets you know what your market share would be and if there is a potential opportunity.


We use the most accurate and up-to-date information out there to give the deepest demographic analysis available on the market. This enables a practice to identify if a particular city is going to benefit from its services. No one wants to start a pediatric dental office in a city with aging population with birth rates going down!

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